Y94 Brings Prom Back with Pandemic at the Disco Prom on May 30th

he COVID-19 pandemic has forced countless high school students to miss their prom.  As an event that so many look forward to throughout high school Y94 believes that while we can’t throw an in-person, large gathering event we can make it just as fun by delivering Y94’s Pandemic at the Disco Prom on Y94, Y94.com and on virtual Zoom Saturday, May 30th, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

Y94’s Pandemic at the Disco Prom will be Saturday, May 30th, 2020.

Y94 Pandemic at the Disco Prom will feature live hosts, Zero and Jamie from the Morning Playhouse, Amy Kaye from Afternoons with Amy Kaye and international DJ Sticky Boots playing ALL the prom party hits commercial-free and giving out hundreds of prizes to local students who deserve to celebrate prom. 

“One of the things that’s exciting about this is, it is truly the Fargo-Moorhead area’s LARGEST prom – ever. This isn’t just for one individual school; this is for the entire community. Anyone can turn on Y94 and experience what’s going to be a truly epic mix of non-stop dance music,” says Y94 Brand Manager and Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead Operations Manager Corey “Zero” Schaffer.

Y94’s Zero says, “There are very likely closets all over town with prom dresses just waiting to be worn – this is the opportunity! Anyone who snaps us pictures @y94official throughout the night of them wearing prom attire is going to be entered to win all kinds of prizes, every 15 minutes throughout the evening!”

Submissions for Y94’s Pandemic at the Disco Prom King and Queen begin May 11th on Y94.com and the 3-hour live dance show runs from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Y94, Y94.com and on video through Zoom Saturday, May 30th, 2020.

Be Smart, Be Safe but Find a Way to Support Local Business this Weekend

Earlier this week North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum outlined the guidelines for the state’s North Dakota Smart Restart plan. Under the plan, the governor “encourages you to embrace the North Dakota Smart Restart plan as a roadmap to a better, safer and healthier tomorrow for employers, employees and customers alike”.  

Overlooking downtown Fargo before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2018.

Under the plan bars and restaurants can reopen with capacity limited to 50% of normal operation.  In restaurants, the state wants 6-feet of space between tables, and tables will be limited to 10 people.  Standing in bars will not be allowed and recommendations call for 6-feet of separation between groups. 

Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead’s front parking lot sign as we gear up for the North Dakota Smart Restart.

As a media company serving the Red River Valley, we have been in constant contact with business owners, managers, employees, and their customers throughout March and April as they have focused entirely on take-out, curbside-to-go, and delivery.  It’s been tough, it’s been outside of normal, but it’s also been a time to innovate and think outside the box. 

At Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead, we are no different. We’ve closed our doors to the public, adjusted policies on traffic into our building, adjusted the number of employees in the building and moved furniture to provide more open space for social distancing.  Over the past two months, I have found, more than anything, just how much I miss the face-to-face conversations with business owners, managers, and employees. 

I know our marketing team feels the same way.  Technology has brought us together; video chats, text messages, phone calls, and e-mails have served as the only way to connect with clients who have become our friends. 

That all changes today, May 1st, 2020 when I can drive to a local restaurant, enter the building, sit down and order a meal and a cold drink.  I for one am ecstatic.  Not only because I can make the decision to go but because it gives North Dakota businesses the option to make their own decisions.  It also gives them an opportunity under a plan to bring back some of their employees, increase their revenue and overcome many of the troubles we have all had to endure over the past two months. 

This afternoon I am choosing to go have lunch at a local restaurant.  I will be cautious.  It will be different but on some level, it will be normal.  The restaurant I have chosen is owned by a friend of mine, a client of ours, and someone I know who has done everything in his power to maintain, work with his team, and be positive about the future of his restaurant.  I want to support my friend.  I want my friend’s business to survive and thrive in the future.

Boston’s Pizza is locally owned and managed and has been serving curb-side, carry-out and delivery but re-opens May 1st.

Is there a risk of going out?  Absolutely.  But I believe that we can properly social distance, wear masks in public, protect ourselves through proper hygiene, and be alert enough to maintain and start growing our local economy once again.

I have great respect for our scientists, doctors, nurses and infectious disease experts and their continued planning to protect Americans.  I also believe that America is a land of innovators and entrepreneurs that will stop at nothing to solve a problem.  Automotive companies making ventilators, bed manufacturers making masks, companies like 3M massively increasing production of respirator masks and a race for treatment and a vaccine give me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The first light for local businesses starts today in the state of North Dakota.  I encourage you to make the best decision for your family when it comes to going out, but simply being allowed to make that decision is what makes America the country that it is.

Be safe.  Be cautious.  Be optimistic.  Be a good neighbor and find a way to help local businesses in the way that makes the most sense for you. 

Here’s to the North Dakota Smart Restart providing a path.  Let’s make sure we follow the guidelines and the rules to make it a success for local business and their customers.

Advertising Decisions Based on Data, Facts Must Outweigh Opinion

Staring into what seemed like yet another Zoom/Google Hangout/GoToMeeting webinar I found myself stunned last week.  In a presentation given to many local business owners about the best ways they can market and use their advertising dollars as we fight through this pandemic a media buyer stated that they were “not recommending using traditional media like radio because no one is driving anywhere so no one is listening to the radio”. 

This.  Got my attention.

As I sat back in my chair and listened, I became increasingly frustrated with what was being said by this “expert” on marketing.  These were statements backed by opinion, not fact, to small business owners and managers doing everything they can to survive the chaos this pandemic has caused their business.

This type of language is AM/FM radio has been dealing with for a long time.  The problem with it is that the radio has been either too proud or too reserved to fight back this negative, incorrect and misguided information about our business. 

Let’s start with FACTS about AM/FM Radio before the pandemic:

  • AM/FM Radio reaches 92% of the United States weekly (+303 million)
  • Radio is the largest mass reach medium in the United States
  • Smart Speakers have brought a resurgence of radio in homes
  • AM/FM Radio is live, local and our staff are a part of the community
    • Our DJ’s raised millions of dollars for Children’s Hospitals
    • Our Hosts lead walks, benefits and gala’s for non-profits
    • Our Talent interview local officials, musicians and athletes
    • Our Creative produces the majority of audio for local businesses

Now, let’s look at the FACTS about AM/FM Radio during the pandemic:

  • Radio maintained 96% of its reach in America weekly (291 million)
  • News/Talk stations like KFGO-AM surged 1.3% in shares
  • Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead launched Operation Gift Card aiming to invite listeners to purchase a $100 gift card to their favorite restaurant to help those affected by partial shutdowns during the pandemic on day 1 of closures
  • Streams on mobile apps & smart speakers grew 29% the last 2 weeks in March
  • Radio is still the largest mass reach medium that exists today
  • AM/FM Radio is live, local and our staff are a part of the community
    • Our DJ’s still raise millions of dollars for Children’s Hospitals
    • Our Hosts still share GoFundMe’s and are working with organizers of walks and galas to plan for their future re-scheduled events
    • Our Talent still interviews local officials, musicians, mayors, president’s
    • Our Creative team still brainstorms, edits, scripts and produces commercials unique to local businesses that tell their story

The ease of audio listening, the simplicity of a one-on-one connection with a local radio station and our commitment to serving our community/region is why radio continues to be the most ROI driven medium to advertise. 

Radio also provides a full suite of digital enhancements such as hundreds of thousands of unique users on our websites, targeted programmatic, OTT/CTV, text message marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO and SEM and it’s all handled within a single conversation. 

The next time you hear someone telling you that Instagram influencers or Facebook are where to advertise exclusively, just remember, radio and television have local faces, local personalities. They are your neighbors, your friends and they care about the place that you live. Not to mention the fact that both reach massive amounts of real people that want to buy your product or service. 

You have most likely heard recently heard decisions have to be made on data right now. Proven data that gives you the opportunity to make the smartest decision with the information you have. Don’t allow your decision to be made by someone’s opinion when real-time data shows the opposite. Traditional media has invested heavily in the ability to track response to terrestrial commercials. The people are confirmed and local and more importantly, when times aren’t great we will be there for you with products that reach the masses.

We’re all in this together.  Let’s never forget that and help each other make it through. It’s time to stabilize our businesses, stay healthy and bring back business stronger than it’s ever been before. 

Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead Launches Local Business Hotline

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our habits, changed the local economy, and altered our ability to connect with people.  For local businesses we also understand that it’s made your day-to-day difficult and your connection to prospective customers adventurous, to say the least.  As a local, committed to the business community company, Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead is launching the Local Business Hotline Friday, April 10th, 2020. 

The Local Business Hotline is your chance to showcase your business at no charge on The Mighty 790 KFGO, Y94, FROGGY 99.9, 104.7 DUKE FM, 740 The Fan and 101.9 JACK FM.  If you are a local business owner, manager or authorized employee call (701) 660-0788 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week and leave a 30-second message about your business.  This is your opportunity to tell the Red River Valley who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you. 

Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead’s Creative Director and Creative team will listen to the voicemails each day, edit them into a professional commercial, and we will broadcast your message to hundreds of thousands of listeners on our radio stations, mobile apps, smart speaker devices and on our social media channels.  We are deeply committed to our community and want to do everything in our power to make sure small businesses have all of the resources they need to survive, thrive and grow as we fight through this pandemic together.

How Do I Leave the Voicemail Again?

Call (701) 660-0788, leave your name, number and 30-second message telling the Red River Valley who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with your business. 

Thank you for the service you provide to our community.  We are all in this together and we will make it through because of people like you. 


Dan Cash
VP/Market Manager/Director of Sales
Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead
(701) 297-5865

KFGO debuts Unreleased Recipes from Listener Cookbook for Download

FARGO, ND (April 2rd, 2020) Social distancing and self-quarantine have caused Americans to spend more time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  While home the family sit-down supper has returned, but coming up with new, fun family recipes can be a challenge. 

During the fall of 2019 The Mighty 790 – 94.1 KFGO produced the KFGO Listener Cookbook printed version which raised over $13,000 for the North Dakota Autism Center.    

In the printed version we were limited on the amount of submitted recipes that were chosen and included.  That’s why on April 3rd, 2020 at 1:05pm on It Takes 2 with Amy and JJ KFGO is releasing an all-new KFGO Listener Cookbook featuring the unreleased recipes submitted by our listeners and the KFGO team. 

The KFGO Listener Cookbook unreleased version will be available for digital download at KFGO.com.  All we are asking in return is a suggested donation to the FM Service Industry Tip Jar. 

The FM Service Industry Tip Jar was created by Sanctuary Events Center and RiverHaven Events Center partner Aaron Duma and aims to raise money to purchase grocery and toiletry gift cards for servers, bartenders, cooks, and hundreds of other service industry professionals affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Download at KFGO.com or by clicking the link below:

KFGO Listener Cookbook Unreleased Recipes

Cares for Kids Radiothon live on Y94, FROGGY 99.9 and KFGO

The Cares for Kids Radiothon is in it’s 20th year and Y94, FROGGY 99.9 and The Mighty 790 KFGO are proud to broadcast live at this important event.

Midwest 360 Media Fargo-Moorhead is proud to partner with Sanford Children’s Hospital on the Cares for Kids Radiothon. This fundraiser benefits local families and their children so that state-of-the-art, life-saving equipment can be purchased at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo.

The Y94 Morning Playhouse with Zero, Jamie and E broadcasting live from the Cares for Kids Radiothon 2020.

For 20 years the Cares for Kids Radiothon has been a staple in the Fargo-Moorhead community benefitting the Sanford Children’s Hospital. The event, held at Sanford Medical Center at 5225 23rd Ave South in Fargo is on-the-air on Y94 and FROGGY 99.9 from 6am – 6pm Thursday, January 30th and Friday, January 31st with The Mighty 790 KFGO joining in and broadcasting live from 5:30 am – 2pm Thursday and Friday.

The FROGGY Wake-Up Call with Kendra and Taco are broadcasting live from 5:30am – 6pm on FROGGY 99.9 during the Cares for Kids Radiothon.

Please join us throughout the Cares for Kids Radiothon to hear these important stories that impact our community and the miracles that happen every day at Sanford Children’s Hospital. You can donate here: Cares for Kids Radiothon donation.

Let’s break some records and help to save lives together!

The Wedding Show 2020 promises planning, vendors, prizes and an amazing experience

The Wedding Show 2020 takes place Sunday, January 26th, 2020 from 12pm – 4pm at The Delta Hotel by Marriott in Fargo, North Dakota.

Midwest 360 Media of Fargo-Moorhead is once again excited to bring you The Wedding Show 2020 presented by Bud Light Seltzer. This unique, longstanding tradition in Fargo-Moorhead features vendors from all over the region, planning experts, style shows and a grand prize worth up to $15,000 for the wedding of your dreams!

Thank you to our amazing vendors and sponsors. If you would like information on being a vendor or a sponsor at the 2021 Wedding Show please connect with Becky Hoselton at becky.hoselton@mwcradio.com.

Booth Listings

  • Perham Lakeside Event Center
  • The Pix Squad
  • Tip Top Tux
  • VIP Restaurant and Catering
  • Rustic Oaks
  • Power Play DJ
  • Fargo Party Ride
  • Mens Wearhouse
  • K Hook DJ
  • Straight Line Industries
  • Scherling Photography
  • Speedway Steakhouse & Event Center
  • Balloons and More
  • Shooting Star Casino
  • Harmon Entertainment
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes
  • Fair Hills Resort
  • Crooked Lane Farm
  • The Event Company
  • Beyond Realty
  • Tru Blu Social Club – Events
  • GiGi’s Cupcakes
  • First Lutheran Church
  • Your Home Improvement
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Zims Entertainment
  • The UPS Store
  • Admire Photography
  • Jackie J’s Bridal and Formal Wear
  • The Pines Venue
  • Famous Dave’s
  • The Yard Weddings and Events
  • Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo
  • Dude Walker’s Music on Wheels
  • VIP Weddings of The Travel Travel Group
  • Schmidt’s Gems and Fine Jewelry
  • Complete Weddings + Events Fargo
  • MCA Enterprises
  • The Tavern Grill
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Shortprinter.com
  • Dinner 4 Two
  • Designs By Donna
  • David’s Bridal
  • Best Western Premier The Lodge on Lake Detroit
  • O’Kelly’s
  • Hair Designs
  • Riddle’s Jewelry
  • Your Day by Nicole
  • Halberstadt’s
  • Ihry Insurance
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Sanctuary Events Center
  • Mindy Craig Photography
  • Red River Valley Fair
  • MSUM Sodexo
  • Crooked Willow Weddings & Events
  • Casey Jo’s Catering
  • Urban Foods Catering
  • The Meadows on Lind
  • Holiday Inn Detroit Lakes – Lakefront
  • Nichols Family Chiropractic
  • Costco
  • Legacy Acres Events
  • Oxbow Country Club
  • Gathered Boutique Rentals and Events
  • Doubletree
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Johnny Carino’s
  • TAK
  • Gunderson’s Jewelry
  • Flored + Foliage
  • Lakeview Catering
  • West Fargo VFW
  • Officiant Amber
  • SPARK Natural Health

Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan Invades Fargo-Moorhead

Minnesota Twins TV Play-By-Play Dick Bremer speaks at the 2020 Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan in Fargo, North Dakota January 20th, 2020.

The American League Central Division Champion Minnesota Twins signed autographs, shook hands and spoke to a packed crowd of over 400 fans at Sanctuary Events Center Monday, January 20th in downtown Fargo.  The Twins Winter Caravan featured infielder Luis Arraez, Outfielder Trevor Larnach, pitcher Lewis Thorpe, retired All-Star Jack Morris and TV Play-By-Play Dick Bremer along with Twins President and North Dakota native Dave St. Peter.

400+ fans arrived and attended to the 2020 Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan Monday, January 20th, 2020 at Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

Broadcast all summer long on The Mighty 790 – 94.1 KFGO and 740 – 107.3 The Fan the Twins are coming off their best season in years and are primed for a run at the American League Central Division title once again after adding another slugger in Josh Donaldson their already potent line-up. 

The Minnesota Twins at the 2020 Winter Caravan.

If you want to connect your business with a winner this April through October contact your Marketing Consultant at Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead and become a sponsor of the Minnesota Twins games this season!

Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan returning to Fargo-Moorhead

Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan 2020 coming to Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo January 20th.

The Minnesota Twins are coming back to Fargo for the 2020 Twins Winter Caravan on Monday, January 20th at the Sanctuary Events Center ( 670 4th Ave N), brought to you in part by the Ballyard Training Center.

Watch highlight videos and enjoy a ballpark meal thanks to Country Hearth. Get your tickets on sale for $8.00 at Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead ( 1020 South 25th St) and kfgo.com!

Purchase your tickets here: Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan tickets

Doors will open at 5:00pm with the program starting at 6:00pm. Get an autograph and meet the Twins!

FROGGY 99.9 Welcomes Kendra and Taco

Kendra and Johnny Taco from The Wake-Up Call on FROGGY 99.9

Midwest 360 Media of Fargo-Moorhead is excited to welcome Kendra and Johnny Taco as the all-new morning show The Wake-Up Call with Kendra and Taco.  At Midwest 360 Media it is our goal to provide our audience with the best possible talent in the country and we are excited to have found such an energetic, authentic and fun morning show to entertain the loyal listeners of FROGGY 99.9. 

Kendra and Taco come to Midwest 360 Media of Fargo-Moorhead following their time as the highly-rated morning show on Hot 101.7 in Sonoma County, California.

Learn more about Kendra and Taco in their biographies below.  Like their morning show Facebook page here: Kendra and Taco

Check out The Wake-Up Call with Kendra and Taco weekdays from 5:30am – 9:00am on FROGGY 99.9. Listen live here: The Wake-Up Call with Kendra and Taco


Kendra grew up in a small town outside of Seattle, but she has followed radio all across the country!  She’s been in every facet of radio – from a night jock in a major market to morning show co-host in Washington, California and Minnesota.  Kendra is big into true crime stories, tea and, all things spooky and weird.  Her brain is a steel trap for pop culture, obscure memes and baby animal videos.  She loves to travel – good thing she can speak four languages!  Kendra spends the rest of her time as any pet mom should- with her dalmatian Luna and spotted cat, Bandit! 

Johnny Taco:

Johnny Taco is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and is a giant sports fan.  So, yes, he likes the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates but don’t hold that against him!  He started is radio career like everyone does, as an intern.  Johnny learned the ropes from some great DJ’s and was lucky enough to get his own show in Malone, NY 11 years ago and has been in radio in Minnesota and California.  He is excited to get back to where winter looks like winter.  Well, welcome, Johnny!