Music, Video Stores, Advertising and Relationships have shaped Rick Stenerson

Rick Stenerson owns Stenerson Advertising in Fargo, North Dakota.

After being drafted into the Army during the Vietnam war Rick Stenerson headed to Indianapolis for computer/data entry training.  It was that training that sent him to San Francisco where he was exposed to incredible music, culture and eventually returned to North Dakota following his time in the Army.  

As he explains in today’s episode of Standing Around with Dan Cash while digging a hole for the phone company in Hankinson, North Dakota he decided to utilize the last 2 years of his G.I. Bill and go back to school for marketing and advertising.  

That has blossomed from selling radio and television advertising to being the general manager of highly successful local video rental company Take 2 Video before founding the agency Stenerson Advertising.  

Learn all about Rick in today’s episode. Within the podcast, Rick explains his son Jack Stenerson’s starring role in over 30 Take 2 Video commercials. Here’s the image we discuss during the podcast of Jack in one of those commercials.